Swati Nakshtra Characteristics

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Swati Nakshtra Characteristics


Swati Nakshatra: Spread from 6:40′ to 20: Tula. Lord is Sukra, the deity is the Wind and because of this latter factor this causes the attributes of the Wind. Restlessness of disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place comes from it; also fidgetiness and noise

Male Natives

1. Physical features: One of the peculiar features of Swati born is that the bottom of his foot appears to be curved and the ankle seems a bit raised. His features are very attractive to the women folk. His body will be fleshy.

2. Character and general events: He is a peace loving person, but adamant and independent. He neither likes to swallow others property nor is he ready to part with his own. He cannot bear any criticism for his work. Once he loses temper, it will be very difficult to calm him down.

Hence, for a better tomorrow he should maintain a proper balance in his mind.

He is willing to extend any helping hand to others provided his own freedom is not questioned. He respects others irrespective of the position or level of people, in other words he is not hypocritical in giving respect. He is certainly the best friend in need and the worst enemy of the hated. He does not hesitate in taking revenge from people who are against him. His childhood days will be full of problems. Initially, he tries to offer protection and help to his near and dear ones, but changes his mind later on due to the unwanted criticism from those being helped.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: His intelligence and capacity to do the work are excellent. He has to suffer financially and mentally even if born in a wealth family, till the age of 25 years. He cannot expect much progress and advancement in profession or business up to the age of 30 years. Thereafter, he can have a golden period up to his 60 years of age.
The native will earn through professions like Gold Smith, traveler or drug seller, an actor or dramatist or a textile worker; may join defense (navy); an astrologer or a translator; or a mechanical engineer.

4. Family life: His married life will not be too congenial. For the outsiders, it would seem that his is the most adjustable couple, but in reality they are not.

5. Health: Normally the native has a very good health. However, as every human being suffers from certain diseases sometime or the other, he is also prone to diseases connected with the abdomen, heart, piles and arthritis.

Female Natives

Females will enjoy a little different result than those mentioned above.

1. Physical features: She can be distinctively identified from the way she walks because she is very slow in walking.

2. Character and general events: She is sympathetic and loving, virtuous, and enjoys a very high social position. She is fond of religious rites and is truthful. She is good at making friends and will have a lot of them. She will win over her enemies. While most of the women folk prefer to wander, this native is not inclined to do so.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: In case she takes up some employment she will attain much fame even beyond anticipation. As the fate would have it, while she does not like to travel, she is forced due to circumstances to accept a job where more traveling is involved.

4. Family life: She will have to act against her consciousness regarding her morals due to some peculiar circumstances and atmosphere prevalent in the family. However, she will enjoy complete satisfaction from her children.

5. Health: Outwardly, her health will not look to be very good as her internal anatomy is weak. She may suffer from bronchitis, asthma, breast pain, broken feet ankles and uterus trouble.
Nakshatras- Swati
"the independent one"
6°40 - 20°00 Libra
Deity: Vayu, deified wind
Symbol: a young sprout swaying in the wind
Shakti: the power to scatter like the wind
Basis Above: movement in different directions
Basis Below: changing form
Result: transformation

Swati Nakshatra: Spread from 6°40' to 20° Tula. Lord is Sukra, the deity is the Wind and because of this latter factor this causes the attributes of the Wind. Restlessness of disposition or physical restlessness, inability to stay still at any place comes from it; also fidgetiness and noise. It is self-assured and asserting. The winds (Murut) are the Lords of North-West. The 49 of them under the ‘Paban’, of all Gods he is the strongest and most obstinate. From these are derived the knowledge, the physical internal adjustments of the 5 Winds—Paan, Apan, Vyan, Udan and Saman. Also from this comes the storms and the whirl-wind, the concrete disturbance of the atmosphere. A person born under this star is good at buying and selling, his wealth and property come and go quite easily. He is an independent sort of man, always striving for more independence. Asceticism is yet another attribute of this star. Diseases of the wind are to be treated in reference to this. The Wind is the great scavenger, it sweats the dross and purifies. The winowing of rice bears comparison to this.
Symbol — Young shoot or sprout agitated by the wind. Devata—Pawana (wind). The name implies Svatata gachhati iti Swaati — it goes constantly by Self. It is self-moving, self-acquisition, self-establishing, self-supporting or things connected with the idea of self. The idea is constant movement according to its own will. It is, therefore, freedom loving or independent. This is a character of the Air which is attributed to be its Devataa.
This Nakshatra is. therefore, concerned with air, wind, breeze or knowledge of Akaasa (space) since Akaasa is the abode of air. Literally, Pawana (pu + anena) means that which purifies or Vaaiyu (air). Vaaiyu comes from the root word vaa which means 'to move'. It is itself one but in each body it manifests itself in ten different ways under ten different names of which the five chiefs are — Praana, Apaana, Samaana, Vyaana. Udaana.
Praana is taken as the ‘life principle’ and the breathing is the manifestation of life. Praana Vaaiyu, is commonly the inhaling breath, and the Apaana is the exhaling breath. The function of Samana Vaaiyu is to select, break up and assimilate food or reject it. Vyaana functions distribution of what has been assimilated by Samaana. Udaana Vaaiyu concerns in voice function, singing, talking, etc. utilising the air inhaled by the Praana.
Pawan and Teja or Vaaiyu and Agni are inseparable twins and are responsible for all creations. They function together. So, it has a great affinity for the Sun. It has in it the powers and tenacity of wind and attribute of purifying. The idea of the symbol of winnowing the paddy denotes purifying the paddy is same. It is related to a physician, it speaks for specialisation in the treatment of wind or in case of diseases in a human body, it is ‘gas’.
Ideas: Air, wind, breeze, storm, sensibility, consciousness. According to one’s own, one’s own self, to go constantly by self, self-moving, self-obtaining, self-reaching, self-acquisition, self-explanation, self-supporting, self-appearance, self-conducted, going everywhere at his own will.

To agree together, to acknowledge, claim as one's own, make signs to, make anything known by signs, signal, gesture, gesture with the hand, perception, technical name.

Wealth and riches coming and going out by themselves, possession or dispossession of wealth and riches in an uncontrollable way.

To move constantly and blow as the wind, to procure or bestow anything by blowing as the wind (in an effortless, uncontrollable manner), to emit an odour, to be diffused as perfumes.

Wind means change. Reflect upon the saying, "Winds of Change". Swati natives take something and transform it. Their lives are characterized by much movement and change. They thrive upon this and get bored when things are stagnant. These natives have a pioneering spirit and are very independent. Because their shakti is to scatter like the wind, they will be adventurous and restless and love to travel. Wind governs speech and the communicative faculty, the vocal chords, so these native will have natural talents in speaking and singing. Vayu, the deity of this Nakshatra, is also lord of the celestial musicians, so these natives often love music or have talent in this area. Charles Chaplin, Miles Davis, a trumpet player of which blowing air is paramount, and Johnny Cash all have their Moons in this asterism.

Wheat Sprout

Swati is ruled by Vayu, the God of the Wind. This is the fifteenth nakshatra of the zodiac, having all its four quarters in Tula, spanning from 6°-40' to 20°-00'. This Nakshatra is concerned with air, wind, breeze or knowledge of Akaash since Akaash is the abode of air. Swati Nakshatra can be destructive unless we learn how to use it to remove negativity.
A person born in this Nakshatra is endowed with tremendous beauty, flirts with many women, is jolly and receives wealth from the king. Females born in this sign and nakshatra walk as if they are thinking deep before taking every step and trying to balance their body before taking any further action.They do not like to do any injustice to others neither do they like any injustice being done to them. Swati people have an ability to "bend with the wind" in order to survive the forces of change which they may encounter.
A person born under this star is good at buying and selling, his wealth and property come and go quite easily.They are broad-minded and attract people from diverse backgrounds.
Many of those born under this nakshatra will be involved in religious or social work.Swati's primary motivation is artha or material prosperity. Rahu, the ruling planet, can create a strong desire for financial success and lust for life.They are cultered, learned, famous, submissive to ladies, passionate and wealthy.
Celebrities born in Swati Nakshatra
Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Kline.
Swati Nakshatra-Career Pursuits
Business,sales,Yogic professions,priests,Legal profession,Stock brokers,Transportation, travel industry.
Swati Nakshatra - health points
Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like pain in the joints, heart trouble, abdominal problems, Hernia, Eczema, skin problems, Urinary, bladder infections, Flatulence.
You are a kind and caring person, who often gets involved with other's problems. You are an astute and intelligent person, to whom people come for guidance. Peaceful and good-natured, you cannot be corrupted or manipulated. You are single-minded and fiercely ambitious and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. You have a strong sense of justice and harmony. You are broad-minded and attract people from diverse backgrounds.

You will do well to attend to your finances or you may incur a lot of debt.

Many of those born under this nakshatra will be involved in religious or social work. You are ideally suited to work in the social sphere. You could also be involved in religious organisations and politics. Some of you will do well in professions related to medicine and drugs, chemicals, precious metals and travel industry.

You tend to focus too much on your social work and this may create friction within the family.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like pain in the joints, heart trouble, abdominal problems etc.


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