Cancer-Some planetary combinations


This dreaded disease could easily be traced in planetary combinations in a birth chart, though it is difficult for a Specialist Doctor to trace it at a point of time in natal life.
Definition: an impalpable group of malignant ‘Tumour’ – a morbid swelling in a part of body due to new unfound growth.
Cancer types:
·         ‘Carcinoma’ –skin glands or membranes;
·         Sarcoma: afflicting bones;
·         Leukaemia: cancer of blood;
·         Melanoma: pigment cells of skin.
Cancer is not found listed in hereditary diseases or communicable.
Breast Cancer: Irregularity in breast contour lump (including nipple), discharge etc.
Throat Cancer: Hoar-senses with pain and swelling;
Cancer of Stomach: Vague and non-specific decline in health.
Cancer of Bladder, Kidney and Prostate: frequent and painful urination – blood urine (often smokey).
Colon and rectum: Change in bowel habit, blood in stools.
Lung Cancer: irrelative cough, Mucous, Blood tinged or rust speckled sputum.
 Uterus Cancer spot in of blood between menstrual periods.
Skin Cancer: appear in small lumps or scaling areas.
Sacroma: Bone and muscle cancer – mysterious uneasiness.
Tongue, throat or mouth cancer:  pain and mysterious swelling in these parts.

Planetary combinations:
1. If Moon is afflicted in any sign the natal will suffer and be attacked with cancer.
 2. If Saturn and Mars in 6th house from Lagna aspected /afflicted by Rahu and Sun;
3.If Mars joins the lord of 6th in the 6, 7, and Lagna or 10th it may cause cancer;
4. When Saturn in the 4th house from Lagna with Venus and Mercury while Sun is also afflicted; 5. Combination of Rahu and Saturn be with aspect of other malefic;
6. Saturn be in the fourth with Venus and Mercury;
7. Saturn and Mars combination in 6th,8th or 12th house or many cases in 7th;
8. Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu in any sign;
9. Conjunction of Moon + Ketu + Saturn/Moon+ Ketu + Mars/ Mars+ Moon+ Saturn+ Rahu be in any sign;
10. Mars in 6th and that be the fixed sign; Saturn in 6th and that be a dual sign;
11. For malignant growth Rahu/Saturn/Mars are responsible- the Lords of 6th,8th and 12th are also responsible for this – in the part of body ruled by any of them will be affected.

Check any of the Dashas related to above planets referred.
 Take the combination of DBAS, or in the period of transit of any of these planets on the houses referred above you will fairly reach to inform the client a danger of ill-health to be referred to a doctor of expertise.
Then watch for any of these planets is related to the rules of ‘Marakathwa’ to decide the length of endurance and life.  
The environmental astrological leads (like hospital, surgery, confinement – 12th house- etc) will decide the ‘result’ waited. Lot of practice is needed in this. (The charts of those suffered will help one to become a specialist Astrologer to find these).