Aquarius / Kumbha Horoscope 2018 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign

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Aquarius Horoscope 2018
2018 seems quite positive for Aquarius and you are expected to experience the best times during this year. Your wise and smart decisions are likely to beget good results around this time.
The yearly predictions for Aquarius predict that this year, your main focus would be on increasing or strengthening your finance. You are likely to work very hard and there are strong indications of getting success.
Also, you can consider finding new sources of income as per Aquarius horoscope 2018 and might be able to save a lot during this period. Being a responsible member of your family you will try your best to fulfill all your responsibilities.
Work & Business Horoscope of 2018 for Aquarius
If you are in job, then this year appears to be a good one. You are expected to work very hard and may receive appreciation from your seniors. Also, chances are high of getting promotion along with a hike in salary.
During 2018, you may be more focused, determined and have positive approach towards work. At your workplace, you are likely to gain authority but you are advised to stay away from all the controversies.
You would be more passionate and prefer working independently. You are likely to be interested in taking new initiatives in order to enhance your skills.
You should try to maintain good relations with your seniors, because there are chances of some occasional tiffs with them. Your wise decisions will surely fetch you good results. Chances are high of travelling to a foreign country during May to November.
Some more professional journeys are on cards. But you are advised to stay alert from January to March and by the end of December. During this time, you may experience an increase in aggression which might affect your work and strategies at your workplace. Practice Yoga to stay calm and composed.
According to alignment of planets, you should exercise control over your anger and words. If you are running your own business then chances are high of getting unexpected profit during this year. You may plan to expand your business might make a huge investment.
Try to consult your elders and confidants before taking any decision in financial matters. It might be the key of your success. But avoid partnerships during January to March. After this period time is good for new ventures especially from April to May. All your incomplete and planned works are expected to accomplish around this time.
Also, you might give a tough competition to your rivals and competitors and able overpower them. Overall, year is wonderful at work front. So, work hard and move ahead.
Finance Predictions of 2018 for Aquarius
2018 indicates a sense of stability and positivity on financial front. Financial status of yours would be satisfactory throughout the year with favors of luck. The forecast of the year elucidates continuous inflow of money, but still you need to keep a proper check on your expenses
You are expected to enjoy all the luxuries of life this year. But you need to stay alert because their chances of wealth loss. So, take your decisions related to money matters wisely and carefully.
Education Horoscope of 2018 for Aquarius Students
This year is very important for students as some positive developments are expected this year. But you need to work harder in order to get positive and expected results.
At times, you may face lack of confidence and poor memory but with the help of your strong willpower and determination you will be able to come out of this problem soon. All you need to do is to focus on your goal and don’t get distracted.
Try to give some more time to your studies, suggest 2018 horoscope for Aquarius zodiac sign s. Also, you are advised to take very good care of your health during this period. Because some health related issues might trouble you and this may hamper your studies.
During this period, you are likely to get full support of your parents and teachers. Time is good especially for students of higher education as their hard work is likely to show its color around this time.
They might score good marks, as per the principles of astrology, and get admission in their favourite college. During this time, you would be interested in learning new things and gaining knowledge in a bid to enhance your skills.
Overall, the year has lot to offer you, so be positive and put more efforts to climb the ladder of success.
Family Horoscope 2018 for Aquarius
Your family life is likely to stay better and you are expected to enjoy a very good time with your family. Your life partner might be very supportive and you both are likely to share a very good bonding. This might lift up your spirits and you may surrounded by positive aura.
However, some occasion tiffs are possible in 2018. Also, you may have a verbal spat with your spouse. So, remain tight-lipped and control over your anger especially during March and April. As it might lead stress in your marital life.
You need to be careful from mid-January to March and by the end of October. Help and support of your spouse might be beneficial for you in your work and business during January and February.
Health of your partner might be the reason of your concern. Take proper care of him/her especially during January to March.
You might plan few trips with your family and friends. This would strengthen your relationship with each other.
From October to December, an auspicious or religious occasion might take place at your home. Also, your married life is likely to blossom around this time.
The natives of Aquarius zodiac sign might get a bit stressed due to their children. During this time, they might be easily irritable and highly naughty so they need your special care and support. Soon things will be back on track and all your tensions will be relieved.
Your children are expected to get bliss in life. No health issues may trouble your children this year.
If we talk about your parents, health of your mother is expected to stay good but you need to worry about your father’s health especially during mid-January and from May to November. So, give full attention to your father.
Siblings might be very supportive and your relationship is expected to stay good. You are suggested not to trust new relationships immediately.
During this year your interest may rise in religious and spiritual deeds. Overall, time appears favorable at familial front and your marital life is expected to be peaceful and harmonious. But a little change is needed in your behaviour.
Love Forecast of 2018 for Aquarius
Initially, you face some differences with your partner so it’s better to avoid unnecessary disputes and tension. Also, avoid unnecessary arguments and baseless allegations on each other.

Try to give more time and space to each other and understand the value of your relationship. So, control your anger and try to stay cool. You might have some difference of opinions so, be careful about your words and don’t jump to the conclusion without thinking.
Not only this, health of your partner might decline around this time. So, take proper and special care of him/her. During April and May, you might feel positive and find that things are going in the way you want them to be.
By the end of 2018, people of star sign Aquarius may have proper time to go on date with their lover. Also, you both may enjoy your long distance relationship through different mediums.
If you are planning to tie the knot with your lover then this is not the right time. Because you may get a red signal from your parents. So, wait for some more time.
Single natives might get their someone special this year. Also, if you are attracted to somebody at your workplace then you might come up with your love proposal during this period.
Overall, the year is tough for your love life. Lots of challenges may come to your way but don’t worry things are expected to come out fruitful at the end. Try to keep transparency in your relationship and respect the feelings and sentiments of your partner.

Health Astrology of 2018 for Aquarius
Your health is expected to remain good and you might be safe from all the major health related issues during this year. But you are advised not be careless.
If you want to stay fit and fine then you need to maintain a good lifestyle. From mid April to September, you might stuck with a hectic schedule and may suffer from sleep loss and perennial disease. So, take proper rest along with your work and also your meals on time.
Avoid unnecessary haste inside or outside your house because there are chances of getting injured during this time. Drive a vehicle carefully especially from May to November.
Try to control over your eating habits and avoid junk and spicy food. A healthy diet and a regular yoga will help you in getting rid of all the health related problems.
You are suggested to take extra special care of your health from mid December until end of the year. People suffering from long-term illness are expected to see a speedy recovery during this year.
Overall, this year you may have trouble due to carelessness only.
In year 2018, you are suggested to perform following remedies in order to ward off ill effects of some planets and improve your chances of getting success in your endeavours:
1.       Pour water on the roots of Peepal tree on Saturdays.
2.       Wear Dhature ki Jadh(roots)
3.       Light a lamp with mustard oil in it on Saturday evenings.
4.       Help the needy with utmost diligence.
5.       Mop a religious place regularly.

6.       Worship Lord Ganesh regularly.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.*